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Tango- Equine F.A./Plus Granules


Meet Tango, a 12 year old Paint gelding who loves long walks on sandy trails and hanging out with his older buddy Indy in the pasture! Tango is currently in training to be an all-around kind of guy! His owner is planning to attend hunter paces, group tail rides and maybe even some hunter/jumper shows with him!

Tango’s owner has only had him for a short time and he came to her with a dry, patchy, coarse hair coat. His skin was also covered in scabs and raw areas. In addition to feeding him a good quality hay and grain, she put him on Equine F.A./Plus Granules for his coat and skin 4 months ago. The supplement contains fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for a healthy hair coat. Six weeks after starting the supplement, Tango’s scabs had healed, and 3 months into his daily supplement, his coat was looking much healthier! He now has healthy skin and a beautiful, shiny coat his owner can be proud of!

We can’t wait to see Tango make his first debut at a hunter pace this summer!

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