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Hoof Support

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  • Calxequin®


    A concentrated daily pellet formulated for the support and encouragement of healthy hooves- 5 lb


  • Farrier’s Formula®

    Farrier’s Formula®

    A pelleted hoof supplement that enables horses to build strong tissue proteins important for healthy hoof structure and growth.

    from $91.98

  • Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength

    Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength

    A pelleted hoof supplement that provides twice the nutrient concentration compared to original Farrier’s Formula®.

    from $139.98

  • FootWise™


    The combination of nutrients found in FootWise™ makes it easy to maintain healthy skin, hair, and hooves, giving you more time to enjoy your horse.

    from $32.00

  • Horseshoer’s Secret® Pelleted Hoof Supplement

    Horseshoer’s Secret® Pelleted Hoof Supplement

    A pelleted supplement developed to provide optimum benefits for healthy hooves- 22 lb




    Recommended as an aid in treating horses and ponies with thrush due to organisms susceptible to copper naphthenate.

    from $11.00