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Barn Necessities

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  • Betadine Scrub

    Betadine Scrub

    An antiseptic, microbicidal, sudsing skin cleanser

    from $14.50

  • Betadine Solution

    Betadine Solution

    A topical, water-based antiseptic microbicide used to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses

    from $13.50

  • Chew Guard Spray- Horses

    Chew Guard Spray- Horses

    Highly concentrated, exclusive ingredients formulated to prevent chewing in horses- 8 oz


  • ChlorHex 2X Shampoo

    ChlorHex 2X Shampoo

    A full strength antimicrobial shampoo- 8 oz


  • Cohesiant Wrap 4” Assorted Pack

    Cohesiant Wrap 4” Assorted Pack

    A flexible, easy-to-tear cohesive bandage that provides conforming compression as well as support and protection- 4 each: Bright Blue, Bright Green, Bright Yellow (12 wraps total)


  • Epi-Soothe Emollient Oatmeal Shampoo

    Epi-Soothe Emollient Oatmeal Shampoo

    A natural oat grain derivative shampoo designed for soothing and cleansing sensitive skin- 8 oz


  • Excalibur Sheath Cleaner for Horses

    Excalibur Sheath Cleaner for Horses

    A non-irritating cleanser that gently softens, loosens and removes smegma from horses’ sheaths- 16 oz


  • HOOFix Abscess Kit

    HOOFix Abscess Kit

    Everything you need to treat a hoof abscess- 1 kit


  • Horse Lice Duster™ III

    Horse Lice Duster™ III

    Topical treatment for lice, fleas and ticks- 6 oz powder


  • Ved-Crush Pill Crusher

    Ved-Crush Pill Crusher

    Sturdy pill crushing cup- Large (Qty: 1)


  • YUCK! No Chew Spray

    YUCK! No Chew Spray

    Stops horses, dogs and cats from chewing- 8 oz